The Pomerantz Foundation

Founded in 1991 by the late Saul Pomerantz, The Pomerantz Foundation continues to serve Montrealers under the supervision of the Pomerantz Family. Pomerantz House was one of the first projects undertaken, and the building housed a school that provided free Hebrew lessons for children. The Foundation continues to focus much of its attention and donations towards children.

100% of donations are used to benefit recipients because the Foundation is managed by volunteers. There are no management costs or salaries attached to the Foundation.

"A child has no control over the economic circumstances of his or her parents" states Foundation director Terry Pomerantz. "We believe that it is worthwhile for our family foundation to help children of less fortunate families."

The Pomerantz Foundation has donated to a wide range of more than 30 non-profit organizations and foundations since its inception in 1991. Recipients have included organizations working in the fields of medical research, education, assistance for seniors. In recent years, organizations such as Sun Youth, The Starlight Children's Foundation, and The Montreal Children's Hospital have been added to this list.